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JSP PressToCheck™ P3 Dust Filters - Set of 2

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The unique design of the filter allows air to flow across the full area of the filter material The large open area allows for lower breathing resistance and improved comfort Low profile cover protects the enclosed pleated filter from moisture and foreign objects that could damage the pleats Resists clogging in very fine dust environments (passes Dolomite test) The bayonet fitting makes the filter easy to attach to the ForceTM 8 half mask and the ForceTM 10 full face mask The filter features a built in inhalation valve making the respirator easier to maintain PressToCheck filters facilitate instant and accurate checking of the face fit, without affecting the seal of the mask to the face Lightweight, easy to wear and available as dust or dust/gas combination filters
  • Longer life/greater filter efficiency
  • Better protection in wet environments
  • Less chance of damage from foreign objects
  • Resistance to clogging from very fine dust environments
  • Improved hygiene
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